Radiator Calculator

Project Brief:

Plumbhouse Radiator Calculator is a mobile app designed specifically for the home radiators in United Kingdom. The calculator allows you to estimate the approximate Radiator combined sizing for a room. The calculator takes into account Room Type, Window type and Style, Size and Surroundings. As per all Radiator Calculators we recommend reviewing with a Heating and Plumbing Engineer. Feel free to tell your friends about our Radiator Sizing Calculator from Plumbouse.co.uk. BTUs and Watts

Client Details:

Company : Plumb House(Trade name of Zorille Ltd)
Startup : No

Project Tech Details:

Platform : Mobile
Operating System : iOS and Android
Language : Swift and Java
Devices : Universal (all devices)
Orientation : Portrait
Designed? : Yes
Developed? : Yes
Published? : Yes


Main Features:

iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Swift, Photoshop