Contact Memory

Project Brief:

This mobile app has been designed for contact memory. It is designed as both an Android app as well as an iOS app. It adds a lot of power features like contacts backup, location etc. into a contacts app as opposed to stock apps of iPhone and Android

Client Details:

Company : Contact Memory, LLC
Startup : Yes

Project Tech Details:

Platform : Mobile
Operating System : iOS and Android
Language : Objective C and Java
Devices : Phone
Orientation : Portrait
Designed, Developed and Published? : Yes
App link sharing on Facebook Wall, Twitter, Email and SMS? : Yes
Phone Contacts Manipulation? : Yes
Web API development and deployment? : Yes
Web Server Setup? : Yes Web Database Design and development? : Yes
User Accounts? : Yes
Camera API? : Yes
Call, SMS and Email through App? : Yes
Multi-threaded CoreData? : Yes
Material Design UI of Android 5.0? : Yes



Main Features:

Illustrator, Photoshop, Android, iOS, iPhone, Java, Objective C, GPS, Camera API, PHP, Web API , MySQL, CoreData, Material Design UI